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    No. The same rules apply to our electric bikes as do a normal bicycle. Our electric bikes are 100% road and trail legal

    If you can ride a normal bicycle, you can ride an electric bike. Essentially the only difference to the rider is that there’s an ‘on’ switch. And you use ‘up or ‘down’ settings to choose your level of assistance. We take you through how the electric bike works and give you a test ride. If you have any questions feel free to ask. One of our favourite things in the whole world is seeing the delight on people’s faces the first time they ride one of our eBikes.

    Like a normal bicycle, an eBike goes as fast as you can pedal. However, as per Australian Law, the motor assistance drops out when you reach 25 km per hour. The greatest benefit of riding an Electric Bike is taking off, and going up hills. The feeling is akin to having someone running behind you and pushing you along.

    The good news is that Bright is a cyclists mecca. And we think it has the best Rail Trail in Australia – the Murray to Mountains Rails Trail. What makes it so great? There’s so many reasons to stop. So if you like wineries, or cider, or quaint country pubs, or berries or great cafes… they’re all on the trail. We have maps and great local knowledge, so we’re happy to tailor a ride that’s perfect for you!

    The great thing about an electric bike is that it does all the hard work. So roughly speaking, if you could ride 5 km’s on a normal bike, on an electric bike you ought to be able to around 20-30 km’s. It’s basically makes the ride downhill the whole way.

    Our electric bikes are high quality German designed and made (Kalkhoff). Some eBikes have a range of only about 40 km’s. Our bikes can ride between 90-120 km’s on a single charge. Impressive huh!

    They’re German designed and made – Kalkhoff and Focus. We have three models available to cater for different heights and riding styles. The choice essentially comes down to which eBike fits you best.

    Yes we do. Because we were so impressed with our Kalkhoff and Focus eBikes, we decided to sell them. We tested over 20 different brands and models to choose our fleet of hire eBikes – ranging in price from $1,200 to $8,000. What stood out about the Kalkhoff and Focus eBikes was the quality design and components… along with great value for money. We’d be happy to offer you a test ride and take you through some of the bikes features.

    Yes indeed. As a matter of fact, we have four child trailers available to fit on our regular Mountain Bikes and Hybrid bikes. Please note that the trailers are not suitable for any of our electric bikes

    We have a fleet of 34 eBikes. The largest number of eBikes for hire in Victoria.

    While our main focus is on eBikes, we also have a fleet of 20 Mountain Bikes, 15 Rail Trail Cruisers, 15 Hybrid Bikes and 10 Amsterdam-style cruisers – which are all great fun on the Rail Trail. We also have child trailers and dog trailers for families. Along with 10 kids MTB’s. We’re the largest bike hire shop in Bright and North East Victoria. We’re also super enthusiastic about sharing this wonderful region with visitors.

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